4 Reasons You Need a Pair of PK GOD Shoes

PK GOD Adidas Yeezy Runner Boost 700

If you like street culture, having a pair of rare off-white Blazer suits might make you stand out in a crowd. If you own a Supreme X Hape T-shirt, you’ll be the envy of the world. But these prices are extremely high, so you need a PK GOD version of shoes or clothes. Here are 4 reasons why you need PK GOD.PKGOD shoes are usually priced between $100 and $150, which many people can afford. Many customers try again after the first purchase. The first is undoubtedly the guarantee of quality, the second is the affordable price.

1: low price

Even many PKGOD seller are selling for very hign price,that’s because most of you can’t find the best seller. such as HypeUnique, Ndsneaker and Flightkickz and so on.
The AIr Jordan 1 off-white costs up to $3,000.Supreme’s Yeezy 350 V2 sells for up to $4,000.If you come from a rich family, I do not recommend you to read this article, because the level of money is no longer important to you.But many students pocket money is not so rich, at this time, PK GOD is particularly suitable for them.

2: Best quality

PKGOD factory is located in the world’s garment city, China, with the most advanced industrial system.NIKE makes 60 percent of its shoes in China, which means all of its raw materials come from there.Therefore, many raw materials will flow into PKGOD factory.Therefore, PKGOD can make the best 1:1 REPLICAL in the world.Good details

3:Good details

PK GOD detail

All PKGOD shoes are designed and manufactured from the original one to one. For example,The position of the logo must be aligned with the shoelace hole. The arch of the toe is exactly the same as the original.You can even take out your shoes and compare them to PKGOD sneakers and you’ll be shocked.If you don’t have it, try it

4: awesome accessory

Some people like black shoelaces, some people like colorful shoelaces.Each pair of PK sneakers will come with four pairs of LACES in different colors, so many people can try different styles to find their own way.
What’s more, each pair of shoes received a STOCKX green label, which surprised many people.The shoe box will remain intact.If you want to own a pair of shoes that you like, but are limited by the price, then this will be very suitable for you.

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